About Us.

Welcome to Albany Clothing. We're an apparel brand based in Glasgow that reflects the best of our great city; style, humour, tradition, community, friendliness and appreciation of genuine value - all combined to create a range of classic garments."

Our range celebrates our values, using sustainable fabrics and timeless designs to offer appealing clothing that lasts.

Why our logo?

Dubbed one of the "most bizarre monuments on earth" by Lonely Planet, the Duke of Wellington statue in Glasgow was first crowned with a cone in the mid-'80s. Who by? We have no idea, but we salute you, whoever you are.

Since then, the statue is rarely seen without its bright orange accessory — no matter how many times it's taken down, someone puts it back up. It's an emblem of the city's eccentricity and humour to the rest of the world. For us, it has become the instantly recognisable badge we wear with pride — because we belong to Glasgow.

Arguably the most photographed statue in Glasgow, it has become instantly recognised worldwide. Therefore, it is perhaps most appropriate that 'the tree that never grew, the bird that never flew, the fish that never swam' and 'the bell that never rang' have been joined by 'the cone that never closed a road'. Glaswegians are famed for their welcoming and hospitable nature - all routes to Glasgow are always open, and we welcome visitors with open arms.

So, our hope is that locals will wear the brand with pride, and visitors will take it with them as a joyful and long-lasting memory of their visit.

Our Values.

Like many Glaswegians, we are thrifty; we don't like waste, and we certainly don't subscribe to the disturbing trend for disposable fashion. We aim to bring you clothing that lasts. We use 100% organic cottons in a heavier knit than usual to ensure you look good and enjoy long-lasting comfort. So, your 'cost of use' and impact on the environment are equally low.

Glaswegians are also celebrated for their charitable deeds. We're no different; we will always give something back. Starting with our Beatson, we will celebrate and support the folk who make us proud to be Glaswegian. The Beatson Cancer Charity has touched all of our lives, and we are delighted that our range will allow us to support them as they have us.

We'll be releasing Polos and a Gilet with an exclusive Albany logo and donating 100% of the profits to the Beatson Charity. Other Glasgow charities will benefit from future products making sure that your purchases continue to support the people of Glasgow.


Albany Clothing's founders Mike and Joe are Glasgow natives and both work and raise families in Glasgow.

Since our school days, we have known one another and reconnected to start a clothing company that offers a luxurious, timeless range of clothing and reflects our love for our city and celebrates Glaswegians wherever they are.

Many of you probably already know us, and we're looking forward to meeting lots more folk who make Glasgow unique.